The Picture of Dorian Gray

1973 (TV)

"Dorian Gray" 1973 Directed by
Glenn Jordan 

Writing credits
John Tomerlin 

Genre: Drama / Horror


Plot Summary: In late Victorian London, a beautiful young man is given a portrait of himself by an admiring artist. Soon after this he treats a young woman cruelly and then notices that his portrait seems to look meaner than it used to. Eventually he cannot endure the portrait and hides it in the attic. As the years pass, he becomes ever more unscrupulous and dissolute. His friends remark how he is as handsome as ever and never seems to age. But up in the attic his picture becomes uglier and uglier.


Credited cast overview:
Shane Briant .... Dorian Gray
Nigel Davenport .... Lord Henry Wotton
Charles Aidman .... Basil Hallward
Fionnula Flanagan .... Felicia
Linda Kelsey .... Beatrice
Vanessa Howard .... Sybil Vane
John Karlen .... Alan Campbell
Dixie Marquis .... Madame de Ferrol
Brendan Dillon .... Victor
Country: USA
Language: English