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Stephen Fry 1

Stephen Fry 2

Stephen Fry 3

A really well-made
All art is quite
If one tells
If the poor
In all important


No gentleman
No sin
Nothing that
Nothing to declare
One can always be
One should always

The english gentleman
The things one feels
Work is
Worst thing in the world

An ideal Husband 1

An ideal Husband 2

An ideal Husband 3
I have forgotten all
An acquaintance that begins
Optimism begins in a broad grin
The strength of women comes
Questions are never indiscreet
All reasons are absurd.
What sort of a woman is she?
Well, sir! What are you doing here?


Nothing ages like happiness.
The men are all dowdies
Oh, I like tedious
You are a man of the world
In old days nobody pretended
Even you are not rich enough
I always pass on good advice.
One's past is what one is.


Circumstances should never
We women worship when we love
Life is never fair
I should fancy Mrs. Cheveley
She wore far too much rouge
Fashion is what one wears oneself.
Just as vulgarity is simply
And falsehoods the truths


An ideal Husband 4 An ideal Husband 5


Other people are quite dreadful.
To love oneself is
Everybody one meets
Do you always really understand
One should never give
I never smoke.
If one could only teach
Women are never disarmed
Self-sacrifice is a thing


There is only one real tragedy
I don't want to meet my father
All that one should know about
I prefer pluck.
Only people who look dull
Youth isn't an affectation.
If we men married the women
I don't at all like knowing
Loveless marriages are


And alien tears will fill for him
And the wild regrets 1
And the wild regrets 2
The man had killed
Why is it, that one runs to his ruin

Dorian Gray 1

Dorian Gray 2 Dorian Gray 3
 the Academy is too
what odd chaps
there is only
real beauty
there is a fatality
I have grown
the one charm
being natural
with an evening
Lady Brandon treats


 laughter is not
poets are not so
an artist should
it is only the
it is a sad thing
the thoroughly well-informed man
and the worst of having
women have no
there is no such thing
because to influence


 the terror of
the only way
beauty is a form
they spoil every
the only difference
punctuality is the
she was a courios
I like Wagner's music
I never talk during
men married


Dorian Gray 4

Dorian Gray 5

 Bunbury 1
 women are a
women represent
there are only two kinds
when one is in love
I never take any
I love acting
there are only two kinds
there is always
there is a luxury
the only way a woman


 one can always be kind
when a woman finds
good resolutions are
we live in an age
if one doesn't talk
it is only shallow
shallow sorrows
the only horrible
there is no such
anybody can be good
all crime is


 I don't play accurately
if the lower orders
when one is in town
girls never marry
it accounts for the
you talk exactly as
you talk exactly as
the truth is rarely pure
nothing annoys people
the amount of women
in married life


Bunbury 2 Bunbury 3 Bunbury 4
 I hate people who are
I hope I am not
nor do I in any way
if one plays good music
I pity any woman who
you are not engaged
a man should always have
I have always been
I do not approve
what between the duties
to be born
 you can hardly imagine
relations are simply
all women become
everybody is clever
the truth isn't
the only way to
it is awfully hard work
when one is going
by persistently remaining
it is always painful
men of the noblest

 I never travel
it is very painful
it is very vulgar
when I am in trouble
in matters of grave
never speak disrespectfully
I am not in favour
no woman should
thirty-five is a
it is a terrible thing
I've now realized