First I want to say hello

Claudy from CologneMy name is Claudia and I was born on 06.08.1964 in Bavaria/Germany. I have lived for 35 years in Cologne/Germany and I will not move anymore. 

As I began to look for material about Oscar Wilde in the www, I knew, my time had come to make my own creation. I hope, my result can help and it's worth it.

I try not only to talk about his sad story. If I think about Oscar Wilde, I associate more with him than his tragic life. I want to talk about his friends, enemies and benefactors. Also the art style of his time mustn’t be dealt with too briefly, for finally he embodies the whole era. The question whether I have succeeded, my guests must answer.

I wouldn’t like to forget to say: If I should have infringed copyrights, this occurred unintentionally and I want to say sorry. Send me a email and I will change it - my promise!

And now, last but not least:

Thank you!

These small words which have such a big meaning. I would like to thank all who helped me to make this English homepage come true. With their minds, insights and inspirations!


Ulli, my lovely husband

I know, my escapades are not always easily endured!



If I didn't have you, I wouldn't have Oscar ! (You are the key to everything !)


Mr. Neil Tennant

"Pet Shop Boy Neil and the last (but not least) one, Claudy from Cologne - London 2001"It is not only the fascination about Oscar Wilde, it is the fascination about you, too. And to meet you, is always a happening.

David What a nice friend you are.


Nice to know you all!

Oscar Wilde - Standing Ovations by Claudy from Cologne